Custom bedroom closet

The main furniture of the bedroom,the stroage cabinet,It's more design than before,  ,modern style with sliding door ,glass,and walk-in closet.Various of material,lacquer,PVC,melamine,acrylic,laminate,solid wood.The brilliantly designed wardrobe will enhance the design of the whole room and increase the integrity.

Open Style Wardrobe

Open style wardrobe closet,normally without door panl,The traditional open wardrobe is mainly made of wood panels. The cabinet and door panels are all made of wood. Now there are more styles to choose from. In addition to the all-wood wardrobe, the open wardrobe provided by NewDawn also has aluminum alloy pillar structure wardrobe, wall hanging wardrobe.suitable for apartments, rental houses, hotels

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Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes are indispensable in the development of wardrobes. Simple models are mostly wooden door panels, and sometimes mirror sliding doors are added; fashionable and modern models are mainly high-gloss panels. There are many materials to choose from, including paint, acrylic, and glass. The sliding door wardrobe is not only suitable for small spaces, but also more suitable for large spaces, making the whole room more tidy and atmospheric. Now, there are also electric sliding doors, folding sliding doors, etc.

Walk-in Closet

Walking-in closet has a very sense of space, functionality and storage. In addition to storing a large amount of clothes, it can also be equipped with a dresser, island table, various materials and rich colors, which can be painting lacquer, glass, acrylic, melamine,laminate,etc.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

The hinged door wardrobe is the most traditional style, but after years of evolution and breakthroughs in design, the current wardrobe can be retro, simple and fashionable, or even luxurious and charming. The color is no longer single and monotonous. Now the wardrobe has various materials and rich colors. There are many choices of handle accessories, and even invisible handles.

Glass Door Wardrobe

Glass wardrobe, a fashionable new favorite for decoration, simple atmosphere is its characteristic. Glass can choose clear glass, gray glass, black glass, aluminum alloy pillars are also available in a variety of colors, you can choose aluminum alloy color, rose gold, black, copper color, and more wood grain color can be selected. If you feel that the entire wardrobe is monotonous with glass, you can match it with other door panels. The result of the collision of color differences will make your eyes shine. This is the charm of customized furniture, creating your own creating your own dream house.


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