Custom your bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity , as the finishing touch to the custom home, makes the whole space more complete. In the bathroom, because the space is limited, a good bathroom cabinet design can maximize the use of space. Come on, customize your own private space in New Dawn.

Wall -Mounted  Vanity

The wall-mounted vanity,is hanging bathroom cabinet, can be waterproof to a greater extent and does not directly touch the ground. It is a very friendly choice for bathrooms that do not have dry and wet separation. New Dawn wall mounted bathroom vanity,simple lines, clear and bright color matching, various ceramic basins and faucets, make the space complete.You can find the most suitable personal customization for youself.

Freestanding  Vanity

Freestanding vanity,floor-standing bathroom cabinets are placed directly on the ground. The requirements for sewers and drainage pipes are not very strict. They can be wall or floor rows, and there is no need to omit weighing and other issues. Diversified styles and rich colors fit most homes.
Basins can be above counter basins, under counter basins and all-in-one basins.

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity


The solid wood bathroom cabinet is a very classic style. The wood species can be beech, birch or walnut, etc. The colors are mainly white, gray and brown. Door type has flat plate and shape.
Our solid wood bathroom cabinets, after years of development, have added more designs, solid wood, in addition to classical style, can also be modern style. For more designs, please feel free to contact us.

RTA Bathroom Vanity

RTA bathroom cabinet, available in regular sizes and colors, short delivery time, flexibility, suitable for everyone's DIY dream bathroom cabinet. You can get your own set of bathroom cabinets in 3 steps or less, just need to place an order, wait until it arrives, and finally assemble it.
We have a professional technical team and a complete system to control the production and shipment of each board to ensure that it is delivered to you on time and with high quality.

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