A good companion for home, New Dawn Concelaed slider



New Dawn kitchen drawer slider

Concealed slide rails are widely used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other spaces, making the living life more green, harmonious and comfortable, and bringing a perfect experience to the new life.

Elegant living room

A place to relax 

Innovative design, stable and comfortable

Sturdy and smooth, it's the perfect wood drawer for your living room.


Innovative design, stable and comfortable

Press anywhere on the panel, your drawer can be opened easily, and the rebound design makes your drawer open and close freely, beautiful and fashionable.


Smart Kitchen

Where you enjoy cooking


Simplicity is not simple

The concealed drawer slider we use in kitchen cabinets integrate practical functions and innovative designs, allowing the kitchen space to be fully utilized.


kitchen assistant

 New Dawn concealed slider pulls out lightly, the fixed latch design helps you store kitchen supplies safely, and the quiet and smooth rail movement brings you a perfect experience in use.


Quiet bedroom

The ideal space for you to sleep


Wardrobe silent system,Ensure that your wardrobe drawers slide smoothly, easily, quietly and softly, and protect the peaceful sleeping atmosphere of you and your family.


Ultra-light pull-out brings you the ultimate light and comfortable experience.

The bedside companion, the silent system design ensures smoothness during the sliding process, and the bedroom is transformed into a sanctuary for you to sleep peacefully.


Concise bathroom

Enjoy your exclusive bath time


The new  pull-out model

makes it easier to take things out, making the drawer pull out more space, making it easier to get things out, and saying goodbye to the dead corner of the drawer.


Bathroom concealed slider basically realize the full pull-out function of the drawer, which is fashionable, beautiful, convenient and practical

Create stylish and functional bathroom spaces,Comprehensive solutions to help you achieve high-quality wooden furniture.

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