CIFF.Furniture - The CIFF Online VIP Business Matching Sourcing Asia’s best without leaving your office

CIFF Guangzhou, the world’s leading furniture trade exhibition, has introduced a premium value-added online business-matching service to support the international business of its exhibitors and to facilitate the sourcing of the international buyers.
To meet the best furniture brands, in real-time, face to face! During the next CIFF Guangzhou 2022.
Customized to ensure buyer-supplier matching accuracy, the free online business-matching program of CIFF has already proven to be very successful and has sparked great interest in attending future sessions.

The first session of this year-round program took place in March.
It attracted many retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, importers, and multinational buying groups from different countries such as Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.

Decision-makers attended the meetings in person and went through designs, specifications, pricing, payment terms, lead time, etc. with exhibitors’ representatives.

for more information, please contact:
Ms. Nancy Han
tel. +86.020.89128034 |

How it works
As a buyer-centric program, the organizers of CIFF will schedule real-time, face-to-face video conferences for buyers with exhibitors on a one-to-one basis to provide for private in-depth discussions.
Suitable exporters are lined up to meet with the buyers one after another.

Extensive work is undertaken pre-meeting to identify the requirements of participating buyers such as the product categories, design styles, preferred price points, etc. They are then supplied catalogues of exporters that meet the requests for selection. Only companies shortlisted by buyers are scheduled for the online meetings.

All efforts go towards ensuring a good fit between the buyers and exhibitors, minimizing any time wastage, and more importantly increase the success rate of each match for the development of profitable business relationships.
Invited buyers include leading furniture importers, retail groups, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, project suppliers, etc. worldwide.

The CIFF VIP Online Business-Matching Program is a year-round program that continue to be held to serve exhibitors and buyers worldwide. 

The advantages
- Premium Value-Added Service Free to Buyers Worldwide
- Real-Time, Face-to-face, One-to-one meetings with Quality Factories
- High Accuracy Match and High Success Rate
- No Worries About Travel Restrictions / Safe Distancing
- Help Buyers and Exhibitors Forge Winning Partnerships

Some buyers’ feedback
I like many of the products we saw. They are ideal for our company's product line. We were also given a clear understanding of each exhibitor’s strengths and what they have to offer. We are very interested in placing orders with some. I hope there will be more such online business-matching meetings in the future, so that we can better understand the Asian Market and find better products.

We found suitable products at the meeting. Those designs can blend well with our existing range. I hope CIFF can organize more such sessions in the future, so that we can find more competitive stuff to offer our customers.

The meeting is well organized and effective. I am happy to be able to find and establish business contacts with high-quality suppliers, learn about them and their latest products without having to incur traveling time and money. The quality and design of the products I saw matched what we want. We should be able to confirm our orders once we get the official quotations.

We have selected some products from the meeting. This service by CIFF is very good and is greatly appreciated. We hope to meet more such exhibitors in future meetings.

We had in-depth negotiations with several of the exhibitors and the required product models have been confirmed. I am very satisfied with the arrangement and those exhibitors we had met, and hope to join more similar activities in the future.

This online matchmaking meeting is very useful and gives me a new perspective of home furnishing products in China. At the meeting, I found many interesting products and many new exhibitors. Worth mentioning is an exhibitor called SitZone offering very trendy designs. I am very keen to cooperate with them.

This is the first time I have participated in the CIFF online activities, and I am very pleased with the quality of participating exhibitors. In addition to variety, they are well versed in export requirements. Through this meeting, we have successfully connected with 5 suitable suppliers. This online matchmaking is very useful to us, and allows us to find a lot of interesting products.

We especially like the designs of one of the exhibitors Chenxi. We are very interested in what they have and intend to place order once we receive the final prices. At the same time, we have proposed to Xilinmen for collaboration for the Singapore market.

I am very satisfied with the exhibitors of this online matchmaking. The products of these exhibitors are perfect and ideal for our market so I am very interested in placing orders. At the same time, I am also grateful to CIFF for providing the online matching service according to my convenience.

The online meeting is well organized. The exhibitors I connected with are strong companies with quality products. We expect to confirm our order after we go through samples.

The meetings went smoothly and the supply and demand are very well matched. They were some of China’s top companies and we are very interested in many of the designs showcased. We talked in detail about product quality, shipping methods etc., and exchanged emails and WeChat for further discussions.