Kitchen Cabinet


The kitchen,an important space in a house, is not only a place for cooking, but also an important social occasion. It is getting more and more attention, it is also an important place where most families spend the longest time together.


New Arrival

The New Dawn kitchen paint door is mainly divided into matte paint and high-gloss paint. The panel treatment has five layers of paint, three layers of PE primer, and two layers of PU paint. A variety of colors and styles are available. The door panel can be added with an exposed handle, which is convenient for opening and closing the door, or a hidden handle, which makes the cabinet look more concise, integrated and more modern.

Lacquer Door panel Style

Lacquer ,modern finishing 

PVC / Thermofoil 

New Dawn thermofoil PVC kitchen door is one of the most popular doors in the world, it is a proven cabinet material, simple daily maintenance, affordable price, stable quality, pure color, no cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance , stain resistance, fading resistance and other characteristics.
The base material of the thermofoil door is medium density fiberboard(MDF), and the surface is made by vacuum blister or one-time seamless PVC film compression molding process. The door panels are available in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from retro rustic style to modern minimalist style, and can also be made into high-gloss and matte.

Thermofoil / PVC Door panel Style

Lacquer Door panel Color Options


Melamine, a composite material made of particleboard, the door is covered with pressed cardboard.Impregnated with melamine resin. This treatment makes the material highly stain resistant,Scratches and moisture. Color is another advantage of a modern kitchen. Vibrant tonal range From blue to grey and green. The visual impact is amazing, especially if done in wood effect details.

Thick edge banding,with the same color as the front side,chamfer delicate and smooth,that's one of his characteristics

Melamine Door panel Color Options


Acrylic, widely used in cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, wainscoting and commercial spaces, is an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to moisture and durable. Crystal transparent,Bright surface, Yellow degeneration resistance.High brightness, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, and oxidation resistance make it very popular.

Material: MDF, particleboard, multi-layer board (base material optional),
Edge sealing type: PVC same color edge sealing, acrylic edge sealing,
Environmental protection level: E1, E0, P2.

Acrylic Door panel Color Options


New Dawn laminate with popular colors, patterns, natural stone grain wood grain and other surface treatment and application surface decoration materials, as many as 100 kinds of colors, with the most complete hue, the widest distribution of brightness and chroma, just like interior designers professional Color palette, thousands of combinations can be created, creativity is limitless. High-end ultra-matte finish with anti-fingerprint and high scratch resistance. Wood grain trim has always been the most popular design element for interior designers. Under the trend of organic design and LOHAS, wood grain has become the mainstream of interior design.

Laminate Door Panel Color Options