Custom cabintry,laundry,TV cabinet,study desk,dresser,etc

The bathroom vanity , as the finishing touch to the custom home, makes the whole space more complete. In the bathroom, because the space is limited, a good bathroom cabinet design can maximize the use of space. Come on, customize your own private space in New Dawn.

Laundry Cabinet

Laundry , in the whole house customization and decoration, is getting more and more attention. More and more people realize its importance and are willing to pay more attention, from design, materials, craftsmanship, function and other aspects . NewDawn provide a variety of laundry room customizations, ranging from simple and elegant modern styles to luxurious retro styles.

House customization Cabinetry

We not only provide cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, we also provide other custom cabinets, such as TV cabinets, bookcases, study desks, to meet the needs of whole house customization, and integrate the furniture of the whole house.

Office Furniture




Create a green office, enjoy fashionable space!

All the design needs to be based on the function of reasonable visual beautification, office space planning, to make all people feel their role, position and responsibillity at the same time, to be able to enjoy the release, activate all the entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


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